About Us

Innovation thru Simplification

ProSys specialises in the design and manufacture of sampling and containment equipment to meet the changing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Our products include both standard and custom engineered containment solutions.

The philosophy is to contain the hazard at source, minimise cleaning, maximise flexibility and maintain an environment that is safe for all personnel.
All our designs have been fully tested and qualified to contain potentially hazardous material to extremely low levels whilst still retaining the flexibility that is required in the production area.

ProSys continuously innovates through developing our team of system specialists which ensures continuous learning and knowledge management.
Life Cycle Cost analysis allows us to examine costs from cradle to grave and offers different decision making alternatives in financial terms to achieve the lowest long term cost of ownership.

ProSys Quality

ProSys is committed to providing a quality product to our customers at all times. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we have established the international Quality Management System ISO 9001. All staff have received the relevant training to ensure that they can fully comply with the QMS requirements and therefore provide the necessary level of service to our customers.

In undertaking a commitment to ISO 9001, ProSys has made a commitment to continually improve and this will be undertaken through listening to our customers and through the ongoing auditing of our systems and acting on any feasible opportunity that presents itself.

“Monitoring customer satisfaction to ensure total satisfaction” remains as a prime objective of our daily activities.

Description of the QMS

The Quality Management System consists of:

  • A Quality Manual describing the System, the processes and interactions.
  • Quality Procedures
  • The records required by ISO 9001
  • A document control system
  • An audit programme and schedule
  • A scheduled review of the system