About Us

Containment and Aseptic Isolators for
Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

ProSys Containment and Sampling Technology specialize in the design and manufacture of Isolators, Gloveboxes, Downflow Booths, Laminar Flow Booths, Pack-Off System and Sampling solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries.

Our products include both standard & custom engineered containment and aseptic solutions. Our philosophy is to contain any hazard at the source, minimize cleaning, maximize flexibility, and maintain an environment that is safe for the personnel and the process.

Depending on the application, the optimum solution will be achieved using primary and secondary containment strategies or by combining a number of different techniques and technologies.

All our designs have been fully tested and qualified to contain potentially hazardous material to extremely low Operator Exposure Levels (OEL’s) while still retaining the flexibility that is required by the end user.

ProSys Containment and Sampling Technology provides complete turnkey solutions from initial concept to in-house manufacture and functional and containment testing to on-site qualification, operator training and maintenance.