Process Equipment Integration

  • ProSys specializes in integrating a wide variety of process equipment into our containment Isolator designs, these including tray dryers, reactors, rotary evaporators, lyophilizers, sieves, filling systems, tablet coaters, mills, blenders, weigh systems, operator platforms, etc
  • We highly recommend performing a full-size ergonomic model review simulating the process equipment integrated with the Isolator to confirm reach, size, process flow, etc.
  • ProSys take the project lead when integrating client supplied third party process equipment, ensuring containment is at the forefront with a seamless integration at all equipment connections.
  • Fully automated nitrogen purge system available for ATEX and low RH atmospheres, with O2 monitoring where necessary
  • Wash in place systems including hand-held wash guns and spray balls with slope to drain points

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