Containment Screens

  • Can be installed into new, or retro-fitted into existing Downflow Booths to guarantee lower containment levels.
  • Operator exposure levels (OEL) <10µ/gm3 with Universal – 5D High Containment Screen.
  • Full 304 or 316L stainless steel tubular support frame and articulated arm fabrication, (powder coated extruded aluminium is optional)
  • Multi-axis movement – left / right, forwards / backwards, raise / lower, rotation and tilt.
  • 12mm thick clear acrylic shield protects operator breathing zone from potential dust source (other materials available).
  • Adjustable / lockable tilting shield contains large oval glove ports (various sizes) and gloves in a variety of materials to match your needs.
  • Mechanical device only – requires no additional utilities to function
  • Screen can be parked alongside Booth wall when not in use

Cost saving solution – If you have an existing Downflow Booth, and have a requirement to handle increasingly toxic products requiring lower OEL’s, why not contact ProSys to discuss how we can help upgrade your current capabilities at a fraction of the cost and time of buying a new Booth

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