Liquid Drum Handling

Liquid Drum Handling

  • Liquid drum unloading and sampling of toxic compounds
  • Single chamber or multi chamber systems
  • Small liquids additions or charges from large IBC’s
  • Simple manual dip pipes or fully automated, fully sealed dip pipes with integrated nitrogen blanketing and WIP, blow down and drying cycles
  • Drum weigh systems and automated dosing of the liquid transfer
  • Hastelloy product contact surfaces for highly corrosive liquids (e.g. Bromine)
Liquid Drum Handling


  • Unloading of solids vessel to very low OEL’s and high weighing accuracy
  • Multiple filling heads for off-loading into either single liners via inflatable seal head, continuous liner or RTP
  • Managed airflow throughout the system to prevent cross contamination between chambers or fully segregated chambers
  • Fully integrated solids dosing system to achieve very high filling accuracies
  • Solids chute nitrogen purge and filtered extract options
  • Integrated weigh system and roller track
  • Optional pneumatic drum pusher to assist in removal of filled product drums



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