Engineering Design Study

  • ProSys Containment and Sampling Technology’s core business involves the design, manufacture, and installation support of OEB 4 and OEB 5 custom containment Isolator systems.
  • A key precursor to this activity is our involvement in engineering design reviews with end user clients with/without their chosen A&E consultants to determine optimal containment strategies on site.
  • Our engagement at this point tends to be independent of any subsequent awarding of contracts to supply the specified equipment which is typically tendered separately.
  • We can provide a proposal for an engineering study involving all relevant parties, resulting in an agreed approach to Isolator configuration, layout, specification, etc.
  • The engineering study objective is to leverage ProSys experience with similar process technology and equipment and specified Containment Performance Target to assess the viability of a containment system and specifically address the material transfers to in / out of containment Isolators.
  • An engineering study approach to Isolator specification at this stage will facilitate early URS sign-off; subsequent bidding / contract award; thereby allowing whichever vendor is selected to progress without delay to fabrication to help safeguard site commitments on project delivery made to upper management.