Top Powder Sampler with Containment

  • Fitted with a Glovebox for contained sampling
  • Client can specify OEL requirements
  • Can be fitted with an RTP for sample transfer to the lab
  • Sampling carried out under Atmospheric conditions
  • Sample is taken away from the side wall of the drier and is therefore more representative


  • The sampler is isolated from the vessel by a ball valve
  • A pneumatic cylinder inserts a sampling device through the open ball valve from the top of the filter dryer
  • The sample is retracted back into the cabinet, and transferred into a bottle inside the enclosure after closing the isolation ball valve

Top Powder Sampler with Pressure Rated Housing

  • Fitted with a pressure rated housing for sampling under Vacuum or Nitrogen pressure
  • No time lost in breaking pressure condition of Dryer



  • Vacuum cabinet around the sample cup
  • Glovebox for high containment
  • Cup or capsule (multi-level) sampling


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