180 ° Sampler

  • Extracts a representative powder sample of fixed volume from dryers, pack-off booths, drop chutes and hoppers.
  • Consists of a piston with a machined cavity used to capture a fixed volume of representative sample.
  • Can be either manually or automatically operated.


  • The piston with the cavity facing downwards is extended into the process.
  • The piston rotates through 180° turning the cavity towards the process and allowing it to fill with product.
  • The piston is retracted from the process.
  • The piston rotates through 180° and drops the sample into the sample bottle.


  • Connected via a flange which is welded to a reactor, or a spool piece which is welded to pipe work or chute.
  • All contact parts are 316L s.s. or Hastelloy® C22 with PTFE or Kalrez® Elastomers.
  • Borosilicate® sample bottle with ISO GL 45 connection.
  • Finish: Internal Polish 0.25Ra, External Polish 0.5Ra.


  • Manually or automatically controlled
  • A Sampler Carousel can be used to take discrete or composite samples at set intervals and each sample can be bottled separately
  • Containment of the sample bottle using a cabinet/glovebox
  • Sample bottle connection can be machined to suit customer supplied bottle
  • Nitrogen Purge/Solvent Flush Valve can be fitted

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