In-line Valves

  • Extracts a liquid sample from pipeline.
  • Installed on Horizontal or Vertical pipeline.
  • Sample is representative.
  • All wetted parts are made from corrosion resistant materials.
  • Lever controlled.


  • Push down lever until sample is collected.
  • Valve spring closes.


  • Spring return (Close).
  • Lever operated or air actuated.
    Wafer Type.
  • Virgin PTFE seals.
  • Hastelloy® or PFA lined Body.
  • Lever adjustment.
  • Borosilicate sample bottle.
  • ISO GL 45 standard bottle connection.
  • Rating  Pressure: -1 to 10 bar gauge.
  • Temperature: -20° to 200°C.


  • Can be fitted with containment cabinet.
  • End pipeline connections to suit client.
  • Sample bottle connection can be machined to suit customer supplied bottle.
  • High Containment Glovebox optional.
  • Valve with sight glass flow cell allows in-situ retractable probe assembly to be installed.
  • Temperature: -20° to 200°C.
  • Sample is representative
  • All wetted parts are made from corrosion resistant materials


Cavity Ball Valve Sampler Features

  • Extracts a representative liquid sample of fixed volume from pipelines
  • Short distance for the sample to travel
  • “Fire Safe” construction
  • Operator has no direct contact with the process
  • Low torque needed to open the valve
  • ISO GL45 bottle connection
  • Flange size from 1″ to 4″, either in ANSI or DIN
  • Rating
    • Pressure: 0 to +10 bar gauge
    • Temperature: -20° to +180°C

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