Plug Valve Intrusive

  • Intrusive sampler, the piston flush with vessel wall when retracted.
  • Extracts a representative sample from the bottom or side of a vessel/dryer.
  • Can sample under vacuum or over-pressure.
  • Sample is extracted by piston.
  • Can be manually or automatically operated.


  • The piston, which is flush with the vessel wall, is extended.
  • Powder surrounds the piston.
  • As the piston is retracted, a sample is brought back into the sample chamber where it falls into the sample bottle.
  • A nitrogen purge can be used to assist the sample from the sample chamber to the sample bottle.




  • Connected via vessel pad flange.
  • Vacuum/pressure sealing guaranteed.
  • Nitrogen purge & CIP Connections.
  • All contact parts are 316L s.s. or Hastelloy® C22 with PTFE or Kalrez® Elastomers.
  • Borosilicate Glass / Stainless steel pressure rated bottle.
  • Finish: Internal Polish 0.25Ra, External Polish 0.5Ra
  • Rating: -1 to 6 bar(g). 0° to 100°C


  • Containment of the sample bottle using a cabinet or glovebox.
  • Sample bottle connection can be machined to suit customer supplied bottle.
  • Manually operated or remotely operated via a solenoid valve.
  • Open/Closed proximity switches.
  • Safety Interlock.
  • Spring close version available
  • Control box for automatic operation and integration in DCS logic.


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