Recirculation Top Reactor Sampler

Extracts a liquid sample from reactors and vessels via a dip pipe and re-circulation loop.

  • Integrated pH / conductivity measurement.
  • Seed & slurry charging option.
  • Ideal for PAT applications – In-Situ & Extractive sampling.
  • Sample is representative.
  • Robust system for lower maintenance costs.


Operation & Cleaning

  • A tubular diaphragm pump is used to draw the sample up the dip pipe, around the re-circulation loop and return it to the vessel.
  • The liquid to be sampled is re-circulated for a few minutes to ensure a representative sample; pH measurement can take place at this point.
  • The sampling valve is either manually or pneumatically actuated to allow sample flow into a sampling bottle.
  • Straight-through pumps design allows a full nitrogen blow-through to clean and dry the system after every sample

Pump design

  • Handles viscous and abrasive products
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Capable of passing up to 6 mm diameter solids (up to 50% crystal concentration)
  • Self priming, up to 3m height

Technical Features

  • Unique compact FlowCell allows sampling, in-line measurement and large sightglass with no dead space
  • Air operated tubular diaphragm pump.
  • Fully Teflon Lined re-circulation loop, sampling valve and solvent flush valve.
  • Borosilicate sample bottle – ISO GL 45 standard bottle connection (special threads available on request)


  • Pressure: 0 to 10 bar.
  • Temperature: -15° to 180°C.
  • All process contact materials FDA approved
  • Atex II 2c T180
  • CE marked


  • Inline pH probe and transmitter.
  • Contained seed charging device
  • Needle Septum Block for contained transfer of sample to sample bottle.
  • Sample bottle connection can be machined to suit customer supplied bottle.
  • Glovebox for high containment applications.
  • Can be mounted on a mobile skid.


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